The Restyle BBQ brand was founded in 2018. We are engaged in manufacturingcharcoal grills(barbecues) with skewers automatic rotation.

Many of us are fond of cooking meat in nature and spending time with friends as well. Nevertheless, sometimes it occurs to be very difficult to keep an eye on a large number of skewers when you are distracted by a good story, as a result the meat burns. So you want to keep up with your friends and cooking delicious meet at the same time. Then I got the idea to create a charcoal grill that will be automatic and would easily go in in any car or on a bicycle.

After many months of development, I managed to create a universal and reliable charcoal grill that goes in in a special stylish bag. It can be taken on picnics or be used at home, it is easily folded and with the help of it you are able to cook a really juicy and tasty meat.

All the components of the charcoal grill and its’ skewers as well are made of high quality food-grade grade stainless steel. The frame thickness is 1.2 mm, gear - 3 mm, skewer - 2 mm. There are three versions ofthe procurement – with skewers on 7, 11 and 15. Restyle BBQis a universal charcoalgrill, asitcan be mountedeither on the legs, that are included, or on the stationary BBQ.

Exactly your opinion is very important to us, so we look forward to your feedback and recommendations!